Hey, I'm Dylan.

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. I grew up in Connecticut near New Haven and in Denver, Colorado, and cut my teeth in Seattle, Washington.

I am a artist using multiple mediums to create time-based art, using performative elements, sound, and photo/video media. Sleep Nod is me; what I make, sometimes by myself, sometimes with other people. I make work to create experiences with lasting, compassionate effect.

My mission is to create stalled experiences outside of the routine life, focusing on the tiny details in communication and undertows which permeate mundane human interactions. This is a very complicated way of saying that I try to help people smell the roses along the way.

By doing so, I try to foster an audience' greater attention to those around them, because paying attention to other people in a new way is generally a first step in developing new compassion for other people. I believe world peace is difficult and far away, but possible. 

 Sleep Nod exists to create a strong attention between people, whether to express my own point of view, or to assist other artists in expressing their own voice in A/V media. 

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