Dylan Ward is a producer and director living in Seattle. He has produced and directed several live works and shorts, and assisted live artists with their media needs. Sleep Nod represents his production efforts, in collaboration and in origination.

It is Sleep Nod's mission to facilitate clear and precise storytelling for it's clients, collaborating artists, and for it's own creative endeavors. 

Sleep Nod currently works closely with:

  • Anthony Hoopes 
  • Renee Boehlke
  • Abigail Hagan

Recent Clients include:

  • Jessica Jobaris - jessicajobaris.com
  • Evia Events - evia.events
  • On the Boards TV- ontheboards.org
  • Jody "Cherdonna" Kuehner - cherdonna.com
 PC Brandon Stiller

PC Brandon Stiller