Alices Body of Water

Promotion for Alice Gosti’s “Body of Water.” | Seattle. 2016.

Spectrum Promo

Promo for Spectrum Dance Theater. | Seattle. 2016


Dance Fundraising Promo for The Tectonic Marrow Society. | Seattle. 2016


Promotional Video for Multidisciplinary Event by Brother’s Catering. | Seattle. 2017.

Introducing Imagine

A promotional video for Imagine Food. | Seattle. 2015.

Aimless Young Man promo (DCCD)

Promotion for Dark Circles Contemporary Dance. | Dallas. 2015

Jim and Justin from Whim W'Him

Promotional Video for Whim W'Him. With Jim Kent and Justin Reiter. | Seattle. 2014.

Wade Promo

Fundraising Promo. | Seattle. 2015.